Faber fittings and non-return valves

If you feel cold air or bad odors coming from your hood, you may need a non-return valve.

Faber non-return valves play a vital role in ensuring that air is adequately extracted and that unpleasant odors and cooking vapors are effectively eliminated, preventing the flow of dirty air from flowing back into the kitchen.

Faber fittings, on the other hand, allow you to connect the hood to the air exhaust. This ensures that the kitchen remains a clean environment free of unpleasant odors, maintaining a more pleasant and hygienic kitchen atmosphere.

Are you looking for other components for your Faber hood? Go to our dedicated page and find what you need to refurbish your hood.

Clean air with fittings, non-return valves and other Faber components

The combination of various components such as fittings, non-return valves, metal grease filters and activated carbon filters ensures that the air in the kitchen remains clean and healthy even while cooking. These devices work synergistically to effectively capture and remove grease particles, unpleasant odors and harmful substances , ensuring that the circulating air is fresh and free of contaminants.

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