Propeller Activated Carbon Filters

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The activated carbon filters work in synergy with the filter hoods to ensure that the air sucked in is cleaned of odors and unwanted particles . This combination allows you to cook with peace of mind, knowing that odors and grease will be effectively eliminated.

Furthermore, keeping your filter hood and activated carbon filters in good condition is essential to ensure optimal performance over time.

Don't let unwanted odors ruin the atmosphere of your kitchen. Choose Elica Activated Carbon Filters for a reliable and effective solution.

Make your kitchen a cooler, more welcoming place with high-quality filters.

The characteristics of Elica Activated Carbon Filters:

Certified Elica Quality: Our filters are produced by Elica, a leading brand in the kitchen hood sector. This ensures that each filter is designed to fit your Elica hood perfectly and offer optimal performance.

Effective odor elimination: Thanks to the high-quality activated carbon used in our filters, you can enjoy a kitchen that is always fresh and free of unpleasant odors. Elica Activated Carbon Filters capture and neutralize odors efficiently, allowing you to cook in a pleasant environment.

Ease of installation: Changing the filter of your Elica hood has never been so simple. Our filters are designed for easy installation and replacement.

Exceptional durability: Elica Activated Carbon Filters are designed to last over time, reducing the need for frequent replacement. This allows you to save time and money in the long run.

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