Propeller Keyboards and Sliders

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Elica keyboards and sliders play a fundamental role in controlling the extraction and lighting functions and are installed directly on the hood.

With the keyboards, push buttons or sliders you can adjust the extraction speed, activate the lighting and manage other special functions offered by Elica hoods . Thanks to an ergonomic and intuitive design, you will have full control over the air quality in your kitchen.

The characteristics of Elica Keyboards and Sliders

Intuitive control : Elica keyboards are equipped with buttons or tactile controls that make it easy to adjust the hood settings. The Elica sliders allow you to adjust the suction power gradually, offering precise control.

Integrated lighting : Many Elica keyboards also include controls for hood lighting. This allows you to turn the lights built into the hood on or off to improve visibility while preparing meals.

Special functions : Some Elica keyboards may include buttons for special functions depending on the hood model.

Ergonomic Design : Elica keyboards and sliders are designed with ergonomics and ease of use in mind. Touch surfaces and buttons are intuitively arranged for comfortable handling.

Compatibility : Make sure the Elica keypads and sliders you choose are compatible with the specific model of your Elica kitchen hood. This will ensure smooth installation and trouble-free operation.

Reliability : Elica is known for its reliability, so the brand's keyboards and sliders are designed to last a long time and function stably over time.

Aesthetics : In addition to functionality, Elica also cares about design. Keypads and sliders are often designed to match the modern aesthetic of Elica range hoods, helping to enhance the look of your kitchen.

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