Faber Motors and Impellers

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The motors and impellers represent two components of fundamental importance inside a Faber kitchen hood. These elements are essential to ensure effective extraction of fumes, vapors and odors produced during cooking, helping to keep the kitchen air clean and healthy .

Choosing high-quality motors and impellers such as those offered by Faber is essential to obtaining optimal performance from your kitchen hood.

Faber extractor hood motors

Engines are a crucial element to consider, and Faber engines are known for their power and efficiency in eliminating unwanted fumes and odors . Thanks to advanced technologies and their long experience in the sector, Faber motors ensure constant air flow and effective suction, creating a healthier and more pleasant environment for preparing meals.

The impellers for Faber extractor hoods

Impellers, also called turbines or propellers, are another essential component for any range hood, and Faber impellers are known for their maximum efficiency. These impellers are designed to maximize air flow and fume extraction , helping to ensure excellent hood performance. Furthermore, they are also designed to minimize noise , ensuring a quiet and pleasant cooking experience.

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