Faber keyboards and sliders

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Faber keyboards represent an essential component for the effectiveness and convenience of using these appliances.

On this page you can find keyboards, switches, sliders, pushbutton panels, button kits and everything you need to repair the hood control unit.

These elements allow users to easily adjust the extraction speed and lighting, ensuring an efficient and functional experience in the kitchen.

Do you also need other components to repair your Faber hood? Go to our page dedicated to the brand and find what you need to refurbish your hood.

Original Faber keyboards and sliders

The purchase of original Faber spare parts is always to be considered an optimal choice to guarantee maximum efficiency, durability and safety of the kitchen hood.

The original Faber spare parts are designed and manufactured with the same standards of quality and precision with which the hoods themselves are built . This means that they are perfectly compatible with the specific needs of Faber products, offering problem-free installation and reliable performance over time.

With original Faber spare parts, you will be sure of maintaining the quality and safety of your kitchen hood.

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